BearFoot Surf Wax Tropical Temperature
BearFoot Surf Wax Tropical Temperature
BearFoot Surf Wax Tropical Temperature

BearFoot Surf Wax Tropical Temperature

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When the heat is on, so is the surf! BearFoot's tropical surf wax is ideal for temperatures above 78°F/26°C. Your surfboard will be able to withstand the hottest of temperatures. This is the best surf wax out there; it doesn't melt away when your surfboard is in hot water or under direct sunlight, guaranteeing maximum grip and traction. So, take a dip in the water in the hot weather and let your surfing session cool you off!

✅ PERFECT FOR TROPICAL WATER TEMPS - There’s zero chance of your surf wax melting! Our tropical water surf wax is hard with a high melt temperature to keep it grippy all day long. Ideal for temperatures above 78°F/26°C; the water may be hot, by your wax is will stay as cool as a cucumber. Surf all day long with the Tropical Temperature BearFoot Surf Wax.

✅ EASY APPLICATION - We’ve worked hard to make sure it’s super easy to apply, adding a tacky layer to your board for greater traction and awesome grip. Its specially crafted formula makes it last, giving you that extra grip for that longer Surf sesh

✅ APPLIES TACKY LUMPS FOR GRIP - With application so smooth, it'll surprise you, our surf wax applies lumps to enhance your surfboard's grip. LONG LASTING - Easily the most essential step in surfboard waxing, the base coat is long-lasting and stays put even if the topcoat wears off during surfing.

✅ GREAT FLAVORED SCENT - This piña colada flavored cool surf wax smells fantastic and will stay on your board throughout even the longest surf sessions. So, for an experience that matches that of professionals, look no further than the best surf wax.

  • Temp Above 78°F/26°C
  • Easy Application
  • Applies Tacky Lumps for Grip
  • Long Lasting
  • Pina Colada Flavor