Chris Boano - BearFoot Surf Co. Founder

It all started at a young age growing up in Surf City Huntington Beach, where the love for the ocean comes naturally. My Grandpa who was in the Navy and loved to sail wanted nothing more than to live by the beach. It didn't matter the cost or sacrifice of having to drive through Los Angeles to Paramount Pictures Studios every week for over 40 years, he wanted to live by the beach.

Back then the city of Huntington Beach was just starting to develop and making itself one of the most iconic surf destinations holding some of the biggest surf competitions in the world. So having a surfboard under my arm when heading to the beach was just part of your daily beach attire. My parents both grew up in HB spending most of their time at the beach and taking us on trips to baja where we had a small beach house in a little town called Cantamar. It was there where I really learned how to surf spending hours and hours in the water with my dad and brothers only stopping for Tacos and Fireworks.

Some of my best waves came from that beach break, some incredible tube rides and some heavy wipeouts! It was growing up around the industry my whole life and always wanting to start something associated with something I loved to do. Having a cousin who Surfed for Quicksilver at a young age and seeing everything that went along with it really intrigued me. I messed around with ideas when I was in middle school drawing surfing, skating and snowboarding designs. Thinking of cool names and logos for T-shirts and shoes, sick hats and sponsoring pros to use my gear.

Getting all your buddies together to shoot a video back when video cameras weighed 50lbs and posting a video for everyone to see didn’t take less than a minute to do from a phone. It’s now in this stage of my life where I decided to bring that dream to reality. I wanted to do something that me and my friends could enjoy together and be a part of something we love. For my family and my kids to enjoy the same passion and love for the ocean I got to as a kid and be a part of something they get to share with their friends. 

My goal is to create a product that everyone can use and enjoy. A product that shares the same passion we all have. To give back to our local communities and to our Mother Earth. A product that our  youth can help develop and express their creative minds into a product built for them.